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Air Conditioner Installation

Padgett's Air Conditioning and Heating service will exceed your expectations. We offer a professional installation process that includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Installation Process:

  • We begin by removing the air handler and disconnecting the copper, electric and ductwork that was previously attached. Before we install the new air handler, we install a stand for the air handler to rest on. Or, if it is positioned in the attic, we attach a fiberglass drain pan with a safety switch. If the unit is located in the closet, we seal the entire closet to block any air being pulled from the attic.
  • The installers will then install the new air handler and reattach the ductwork to the new unit using 1"x3" metal angle, tape and mastic, which is a sealant to provide an airtight seal. Then the high and low voltage wiring will be reattached to the new unit.
  • Before the installers reattach the copper lines to the air handler, they will flush the lines with an R11 flush, which is designed to completely clean your copper lines, leaving them free of any old oil, acid, moisture, dirt, etc. This is one of the most important steps of the installation process because if any contaminants are left in the system, it will lead to premature failure of the compressor. After the flush, the copper lines are reattached to the air handler.
  • The next step is to remove the condenser (outside unit). Then, if applicable, we install a new fiberglass condenser pad or level off your preexisting concrete pad with a fiberglass one. This pad is important to keep dirt, debris, and standing water away from the unit. At this time, if needed, we replace the disconnect box on the wall if it is rusted and/or in disrepair. The installers then install the new condenser and reattach the electric and low voltage wiring. Before reattaching the copper, we install a filter drier to further protect the system against moisture and contaminants.
  • The final step is for the installers to attach a new thermostat. They change the system with refrigerant. After the unit is up and running, the installers clean out your old drain line and test for proper water flow out of the drain line. To meet code, they also install anchor clips on the outdoor unit.

After the installation is complete, the installers clean up everything, leaving your house clean and free of any dirt or debris. They also haul all trash and old units away, then schedule an inspection to ensure all work done is up to code. As soon as the inspection is complete, we do a final walkthrough with the homeowner to address any concerns or questions to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the work completed. At the end of the service, we issue you an invoice for the job and provide you with any tax break and warranty paperwork.