Padgett's Air Conditioning & Heating has been in Jacksonville for 7 years of service! We've earned a reputation of honesty & value by listening to our customers, fixing your system with economic concern, and utilizing NATE-certified technicians that are continually trained as new technology arises.

Air Filters

We keep your system fully maintained with the best air filters for your air conditioning system. That's why we offer over 10,000 filters for your central air system.

Reasons to get your air filter from Padgett's Air Conditioning and Heating:

  • Save Time and Money - No Need to Travel from Store to Store
  • Usually Ships Within 24 Hours - To Your Door!
  • You'll Never Forget to Change Your Filter Again! Reoccurring Orders Available!
  • An Economical Solution to Filter Changes

As every homeowner knows, your air filter should be changed on a regular basis for a number of reasons. By changing the air filter, you are keeping your air quality free of impurities while also maintaining your central air system to benefit from its full life's potential. If you don't change your air filters regularly, you could be risking system failure because dirty filters can make your system "overwork" and may lead to complete system failure causing you to have to make a service call for repairs or worse - replacing your system.

Finding the right air filter can be a very time consuming task. By constantly running around from store to store to only learn that they are out of stock can be quite stressful. With Padgett's reoccurring orders service, you can have your matching filter delivered straight to your door without wasting your time, gasoline, and energy on something so simple.

Padgett's Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. has been a reliable central air system dealer for over 25 years proudly serving Northeast Florida. You can trust us to find to save money, time and ensure you're getting the best air filters for your hard earned dollars.

With 24-hour shipping, you can choose from 10,000 filters, including specialty air filters. Shipped to your door for your convenience, Padgett's Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. makes your life one more step easier. You may also sign up for reoccurring shipments so you can remember to change your air filters every 3 months to keep your system running as efficiently as possible, to save you money on your electric bill.

** Air Conditioning Systems AND Ductwork determine the type of air filter you should use. If you do not know what type of air filter your system requires - PLEASE contact your HVAC installer before purchasing the filters. Using a higher rated air filter than your system requires can cause damage to your system. **